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2010 FALL SEASON in the works….

Sign up soon and be part of the best fall league in NYC.

  • Men’s Modified (for real, its modified, no slingers)
  • $475 league fee
  • Double-headers
  • 14 Sunday Games
  • Playoffs & prizes
  • Start Sept 12th
  • Deposit due Aug 31
  • 12 years running

Call Ric to join: 646-337-3535

Westlanders – Champs of 2009

Westlanders slugged their way to another championship easily beating the Trojans and Bonao in a 3 game sweep.  Hats off to them as they show enthusiasm, unity, loyalty, and all around excellence. Congratulations to Inwood  HOF manager John Sheppard. Read and see more on Ric’s blog.

Mother Nature doesn’t like Inwood

We are forging ahead and we will complete the season this Sunday (if it doesnt rain).

The Semi-Finals will consist of one 9-inning elimination game starting at 9:30 am.

Westlanders (4) vs Trojans (1), Field 3 or 4, 9:30am

Knockout (3) vs Bonao (2) , Field 2, 9:30am

The winners will immediately proceed to a best of 3 champiosnhsip series. The higher seed chooses the field and is home game 1st and 3rd game.

PLAYOFFS Start Sunday Morning

The playoff schedule is done and it is with great regret we cannot get all the teams into the playoffs.  Because of the Daylight Savings time change and the fact that we have only three weeks left on our permits, we simply cannot accommodate more than eight teams.  The Parks Dept has already warned us that they will not let us play without permits.


  1. DALIGHT SAVINGS time change – set you clocks back an hour Sat night!!! 10am start time.
  2. We will use 2 UMPIRES for each playoff series – $80 per double header
  3. Higher seed is HOME team game 1 and game 3
  4. Players must have at least 4 game appearances to qualify for the playoffs. Rosters will be handed out Sunday.
  5. All the regular season rules apply (forfeits 20 minutes, mercy, courtesy runner, extra innings 9 man, etc)
  6. $1200 for the champ, $600 for sub-champ.  No ties and No splitting prize.


Final Sunday – Schedule DONE

Its done – please check the schedule carefully. We simply made a minor change to the 4pm games.

Playoffs must start Sunday Nov 1st. Some important notes about our playoff system:

  1. Top 8 teams make the playoffs – high seed vs low seed (1vs8, 2vs7, 3vs 6, 4vs5)
  2. Tie breakers are determined by head-to-head record, then Run Differential
  3. Players must have at least 4 game appearances to qualify for the playoffs
  4. Teams will be re-seeded for the 2nd round (high seed vs low seed)
  5. All series are 2 out of 3
  6. Higher seed is HOME team game 1 and game 3
  7. Top seed (#1) gets game-time and field choice, otherwise you must play at assigned time
  8. All the regular season rules apply (forfeit, mercy, courtesy runner, extra innings 9 man, etc)
  9. $1200 for the champ, $600 for sub-champ.  No ties and No splitting prize.

Week 5 Review

The big showdown between Knockout and the Westlanders was the big letdown.  Knockout beat up on a depleted and tired Westlander team and squeezed into a first place tie with the Trojans.

Chaos squeezed out a win against the upstart Orioles in extra innings. The Orioles came up short a run as the wining run was hit  by a ground ball to end the game. C’mon rookie!!!

Danny Macs finally got a decent team together but had trouble scoring runs and lost 2 of 3 games. I think this team could get it together and make some noise in the playoffs.

Bonao split with the arch enemies the Fanaticos.  They might have won both if 9 nine guys had shown up at gametime.

Boxcar split with Danny Macs while adding stud lefty ex-Knockout player Jack to their line up.

ROSTERS ARE OFFICIALLY CLOSED. Anyone playing who is not on a roster will be deemed illegal.